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be the business everyone
wants to work with

Marketing that doesn't make you sound like you're flogging dodgy toasters...


You've got big plans (huge!)
But you know you need help with the marketing side of things...

You've got questions like:

"How do I grow my audience so I can get more leads?"

"What do I need to do to get ahead of the competition?"


If you've been trying to figure it out for a while, it's more than possible you're doing some of these things and you know it's slowing down your business growth:

The Visibility Avoider

The thought of getting visible online makes you want to vom all over your keyboard...and you REALLY don't like marketing your company yourself.

The Undetected

You've worked really hard to build your network but your online presence is more invisible than Harry Potter's Cloak & you're struggling to grow your brand.

The Burned Before-er

You've tried agencies that have wowed you with their own marketing and fallen short with yours, so it's putting you off investing in anything  again.

The Ideas Machine

You've got 100's of marketing ideas but scared they might not work, & your Auntie's, neighbours guinea pig had a friend who did it once, and it didn't work either, so why bother?

The Big Planner

You've got big plans for your business, huge!  But have no idea what content or marketing is going to get you from zero to hero without breaking the bank.

The Time(less) Lord

You've got huge plans to grow your brand, but have about as much time to market your business as you do to drink the cold coffee that's been sat on your desk all day.

who are we?

Meet your marketing sidekicks



I'm Victoria, owner of Blue Mangetout and a qualified ex-Head of Marketing on a mission to change the way your business grows...

by creating a sales pipeline of inbound leads with marketing that converts your audience from stranger to buyer and then raving fan...


All without hustling your face into the floor...

You're  in safe hands, my mantra since my corporate days has always been - your business is my business.

Sound good?...

This time next year

Where do you wanna be?  Knee deep in procrastination with messaging and a content strategy that screams "could do better." 


Growing your brand with cushty messaging and getting a steady stream of leads?

You didn't come this far to only come this far, so let's do something about that, eh?



" Victoria has a real talent for helping you both clarify exactly what message you want to put out there and helping you find just the right words.

She helped me re-design my offers, and as a result, I created a successful new 1-2-1 programme, grew my existing high touch membership by 50%, and also launched a new low cost membership, gaining 113 members.


My income has grown by 50% this year, and I’m looking forward to calmer seas ahead."

Rachael Roberts - Earn, Learn, Thrive in ELT

Image by Cristofer Maximilian

New website generating, in the meantime go here to find out more about our services


Marketing Strategy

This is for you if you know you're half-assing your marketing and you need to grow your brand AND get some ROI.


You need more inbound leads and know you can't just rely on referrals or selling on calls.

You love what you do, but you're too close to the business to do marketing any justice.

You're relying heavily on referrals, networking or cold lead generation.

Social Media Marketing

Are your socials looking more invisible than the invisible man?

Do you need to grow your brand, followers and make more sales?

Does talking about your business online make you cringe ever so slightly?

Or maybe you just need time to serve your clients and have your business and brand awareness growing in the background...

Then this is the one for you.