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Helping coaches get paid to do what they love

Get more confident, get more clients and grow a business you love.


YOu've got big plans (huge!)
But you need a little help with the business side of things...

You've got questions like:

"Where do coaches ACTUALLY find clients?"

"Why isn't my marketing working?"

"How much should I charge?"

"Why is is so hard to sell a coaching package?"


If you've been trying to figure it out for a while, it's more than possible you're experiencing some of the following and deep down, you know it's keeping you stuck:

The Visibility Avoider

The thought of getting visible online makes you want to vom all over your keyboard...and you REALLY don't like marketing yourself.

The Undercharger

You feel embarrassed to charge the market rate.  You keep telling yourself you need more expertise, kudos, a mammoth audience or a magic pill first.

The People-Pleaser

You're doing any work that comes your way, but it's not filling you with joy, in fact it's making you miserable AF and attracting tyre-kickers.

The Ideas Machine

You've got 100's of ideas but scared they might not work, & your Auntie's, neighbours guinea pig had a friend who did it once, and it didn't work either, so why bother?

The Procrastinator

You're doing all the unimportant things, and none of the things that will grow your business. Self-sabotaging like it's an olympic sport.

The Baller

You want to make a success of your business on your own terms, because failure's not a bloomin' option, but right now you're one big, indecisive ball of tension.

who are we?

Meet your sidekicks - Sandra is a performance and mindset coach, and Tori is a Business & Marketing Strategist.


We're a pair of serial business fixers, hell bent on re-defining all the shoulds and copy-cat 'do it my way' formulas.

No more "tonight Matthew, I'm going to be (insert internet guru here)".

We're here to help you skip the big mistakes and make money faster, helping the people you want to help most.

You get our combined 40 years experience in helping business owners to ditch self-doubt and do the stuff that's going to give your business more legs than a centipede.



This time next year, rodders...

Where do you wanna be?  Knee deep in procrastination and overwhelm whilst your great ideas sit gathering dust, or worse still somebody else comes up with the idea?

You didn't come this far to only come this far, so let's do something about that, eh?

Ready to kick self-sabotage in the hoo-ha's and grow a business you love (and one that makes you money?)


Consider us your trusty gremlin-kicking, business developing sidekicks.



"I can see where I want to go and how to get there, and having this support is helping me to not give up and self sabotage along the way."

Image by Cristofer Maximilian




Work with us 1:1. 

This is for you if you're not going back to the 9-5 that sucked out your soul, but you need a kick to get things moving.

You, us and 4 months to get you from a notebook full of ideas to taking action and earning some wonga.

It's for you if you need to pivot or niche in order to become more successful, or if you don't want to be part of a small group setting.

And you need to grow your brand some legs.





This is the strategic one.  You've got your business foundations nailed; audience, brand, ethos, messaging, core services. 

OR you might have some of it licked but it needs refining.

Think of this as your board of directors supporting you as you grow.

We take you out of your business, so you can work on it using a mix of 1:1 & small group sessions. .



We'll be adding regular workshops & retreats to our services in the Autumn of 2022.

There is nothing quite like doing things 'in-person' with mentors and peers, & our Courage clients get phenomenal breakthroughs & results on them.

Not sure if Courage is right for you, or want to try us out and see how we work?  Then this is a great way to 'try before you buy.'

Check out our list of upcoming events...


workshop bg removed.png

GYAIG Online Festival

In February 2022, we could see that the energy slump was real, so we put on a festival to help everyone get their bums in gear.  We bought in a series of experts in life & business, who all delivered bite-sized 20 min blasts of motivation. 

It was a roaring success.

We'll be putting on another festival in the future, if you want to register for updates, or would like to be considered as a guest speaker click the button below.


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