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You're just a person, standing in front of an coaching business, wondering...

how to make it work

Ditch the overwhelm

get more confident

build a business you love

Got a bad case of wobbly sales?
Going round in circles faster than your pants on a spin cycle?

You might be pivoting your offer, niche or audience and it's well scary.

Plus you hate marketing more than spiders in your hair...
  • You probably started your business doing one thing, there's now a part of it you want to go all in on, but that sh*t feels scarier than flying down a mountain on a greased-up bin lid.

  • Your train feels like it's broken down at overwhelm central & the conductor's fallen asleep.

  • You know your service is the dog's danglies, but are struggling to share that with the rest of the world.

  • Try as you might, your messaging feels flatter than that cake you once made (no, just us?)

  • Your offer feels a bit lumpy to sell and you aren't sure why.

  • Even if you aren't pivoting or niching, you might feel like your marketing, messaging & offer are wobblier than your mum's Sunday-best blancmange.

In Short

In just 4 months, we'll help you take your business from 'meh' to marvellous.

We'll give you the mindset tools, marketing foundations and strategy to get all of this sorted and a signature offer selling.

Wanna find out more?


If you're reading this, then you've had enough

If you can't clearly articulate WTF it is you actually do, or why your offers are more valuable than the crown jewels, then Houston, we got a problem.

If you want a business where getting clients isn't an uphill slog.

If you have every intention of launching the thing / site / business / brand / niche but you're at procrastination central and would rather clean the platform toilets than get sh*t done...

We should probably talk!

You, us, your big ideas - you've got plans to make and not a moment to waste.

We use our joint expertise to unpick all the old stories and create a business that actually works for you.

"I don't think I've ever made so much progress"

- Louise Maidment


Here's the secret they don't want you to know

The gurus will tell you what they think you need to hear to buy their thing.

That the three-step methods and visibility strategies are going to propel you into internet stardom.

We call B.S on that.

The reason they are so successful (and we're leaving slimy sales and marketing tactics off the table for another day. Yuck!)...

Is that they worked out what they wanted to do, who for and how to get there.

They got their brand proposition, offers, audience, touch points and all the foundations right.

And you can do the same thing too without the sleaze.



your brain

Book in a call to see if we're right for you.
If we're a fit, we'll get unravelling your brain faster than slurpy spaghetti.

We come up with a plan

We'll help you come up with a plan that makes creating offers, marketing & selling feel easy like Sunday morning.


grow a business you love

We'll help you take your business from sleepy-town to stand out, creating offers that you love to sell & deliver.

Let's create a buyers journey that takes you from famine to feast.

9 - Copy.png

Client Stories

I knew I was keeping myself stuck.

I'd had some success in my business, but was struggling to find a way to move from the business I'd created, to the one I actually wanted.

I'd known for some time that I wasn't happy serving my current audience, and that big things needed to happen in order to make changes.

I'd tried courses, reading books and trying to work it out by myself and realised that I was just keeping myself stuck.

I decided it was time to get expert help.

My business is now a brand I can be proud of.  I'm making more money doing the things I love and have added 2 new income streams to my business, one of which is a recurring revenue stream that doesn't take up hours of my time.

My revenue is up 30% in the first six months of this year.

I've developed the confidence to charge more, and to have clearer boundaries for the benefit of myself and my clients.

I've even re-branded am confidently becoming more visible and am making a name for myself in my niche.

here's the jam

In just 4 months, we'll help you take your brand from standing back to stand out.  We'll then work with you for another 2 months to help you stay consistent.

This is not a group programme. 

We repeat - this is not a group programme! 

We will take you through this process, but depending on your business needs, it may not be in this exact order.

16 x 45 minute sessions over 6 months

A mixture of learning, implementation and pure coaching

Help from Sandra on mindset & performance

Help from Victoria on marketing & business development

A chance to plan, create & get buckets of accountability 

Performance and mindset coaching woven through the entire process

We'll be giving you the tools to self-coach (yes, it's possible!) so you can become more self-aware, learn where you keep yourself stuck.

You'll be given support to implement self-coaching tools so you can move more quickly towards where you want to be.

1. Mind the Gap

We'll do an audit of where you're at,  where you want to be and where you might get stuck. Then we'll come up with a plan.

4. Build your Brand

We'll help you take your brand from standing back to standing out and give it more legs than a centipede so you can be proud of it.

7. Contented Soul

This is where we take all of the info we know about your audience and map out bucket loads of content (literally as ).

2. Get More Confident

Sandra will help you to identify where you're keeping yourself stuck & give you the tools to self-coach so you can stop the rot before it sets in.

5. What you Selling?

We'll help get clear on the language you need to sell your signature package, so it ticks your audiences boxes & is easy to sell.

8. Make a Plan

This is where we take everything so far & map out a plan (& where you might get stuck) so you can move from famine to feast.

3. Who do you Serve?

We help you get REALLY clear on your audience & their needs so you can be more customer-centric than Willy Wonka.

6. Launching & Pricing

This is where we work out how you're going to sell or launch your package, what to charge & figure out your buyers journey.

9. Next Steps

This is where we figure out what happens next, how much you want to earn and what cogs needs to turn to keep the wheels moving.

or £582.50
per month

  • Pay monthly

  • 6 month programme

  • A Performance Coach

  • A Marketing Coach

  • We're going to make magic together

  • Book in a 20 min call to see if it's right for you.

It's for you:

  • If you you're ready to make a plan.

  • If you're ready to do the work.

  • If you're ready for feedback that'll help you grow.

  • Failure is not an option.

  • You're ready to take responsibility.

It's not for you:

  • If you're still not sure what it is you want to offer.

  • You want a done for you service (get that here)

  • You're not ready for change.

  • You want to sell a few low ticket services.

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