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about us

We're Sandra Illsley, a Performance & Mindset Coach & Victoria Griffiths, a Marketing & Business Strategist. 


We help ambitious women in business to kick self-doubt in the cojones and head for market domination with our double helping of performance coaching and business & marketing strategy.

Performance Coaching + Business Strategy = Faster Progress


The Longer version


Sandra, is a Northerner living down South and has a rescue dog named Nigel.  She also has a Masters Degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice & has been helping women in business to make courageous decisions since 2018.

Victoria is from Essex (stilleto jokes are so 1982) and is a qualified Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She's also an Ex-Head of Marketing with over 17 years experience, and has had the honour of helping SME's disrupt their markets with sell-out events, digital marketing, communications, PR, business development, brand management, creative design and more.

Gremlins are no match for us

Whatever it is that's holding you back, we've seen it all.

There's no shame in self-sabotaging like it's an olympic sport, but we'll spot it before you do and Sandra will help you to overcome all that baloney old self-talk.

Victoria looks at everything through the eyes of your audience, and if there's an opportunity she'll spot it.

Imagine what you could do with a Gremlin Slayer and Business Development Demon side by side with you in your business?

Meet Your Team


Why Blue MAngetout?

We knew that as a small business owners we needed something that would be stand out, would be memorable and told our story.


So here goes;


After a millionty hours of trying to work out what to call ourselves, we realised it had to be linked to what we do, and that's helping women in business to become more courageous....


Blue is the colour of the borage flower, which over centuries has been most notably associated with giving people courage.


Courage, is also one of our values and also the name of our signature programme.


And Mangetout, because Sandra will often quote a Del Boy (from Only Fools & Horses) catchprase at Victoria, who will reply with one of his famous lines -


"Mangetout, Rodney, mangetout."


For us, Del Boy also had an indomitable spirit. He was courageous in the face of adversity and he never gave up... & both of these things together pretty much epitomise how we help people.

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